Winter Holiday Magic

christmas showAbout this program:

Winter is an incredible time of year. The leaves have fallen from the trees and we can see their true shape. The white blanket of new fallen snow covers each and every branch so that we can enjoy it from a whole new perspective.Snowy hills provide a backdrop for sledding, snowboarding, and skiing, while icy ponds and lakes give us an ice skating paradise.

The Amazing Clark will spread a message of Winter Holiday Magic as all of the students enjoy celebrating everything that winter has to offer. Students are invited on stage to be part of this incredible and hilarious show. Magical effects like the snowflake miracle, the hot chocolate fiasco, and the snowman illusion, are just some of the highlights.

A large, 12 foot, inflatable snowman is the backdrop for this festive show. All of the students will enjoy the magic, music, and audience participation, as they experience a performance celebration of the season!

Great for K-8