Test Taking Preparation Assembly

test preparationAbout this program:

This is a fun-filled, 45 minute Program designed to motivate students to do their best in preparation for school-wide standardized tests like the MEAP and others. These standardized tests are becoming increasingly significant for schools and the individual students. The pressure on the student to produce excellence in their test score is ever increasing. Many schools are approaching the test taking experience from a new positive perspective, that will help provide a supportive and enriching environment for the student body as a whole.

Students will learn:

Students will learn the importance of getting a proper night's sleep, the night before taking a test. It is also important to eat a good breakfast, to insure alertness. Having food in your stomach will give you energy. Learning to read all of the directions carefully will help students to consider all of the options available during the test, so that they will make the right choices. Save time at the end of the test to review and make sure that you haven't left out any answers. This show is like having a "Pep Rally" for test taking. Everyone will get fired up to do their best for the test!

Great for grades K-8.