The History of Puppetry from Around the World

history of puppetry Eugene Clark is a master puppeteer. This 45 min program includes puppet performances and demonstrations, utilizing student participation to the max!!

About this program:

Eugene Clark not only performs exciting and fun puppet skits during this educational asembly, but also explores and demonstrates puppets from the United States, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Europe, Africa and other parts of the world. As the students travel with Eugene, everything from marionette string puppets, to hand and rod puppets will be demonstrated by Eugene and members of the audience. This is a very informative, and coloful assembly filled with beautiful and amazing puppets.

There is a special appearance by that puppet genius himself, the famous Mr. Punch, as he helps the students clearly see how puppetry is a huge part of many cultures. A very diverse program indeed! The students will also be able to watch part of a puppet performance and then view the show from behind the scenes as the puppet stage is turned around.

Perfect for grades K – 8th.

About the presenter:

Eugene Clark currently teaches drawing and painting at the College of Creative Studies, Detroit, Michigan. He is an award winning puppeteer and was selected by the Jim Henson Foundation to study puppetry with Jane Henson at the Eugene O'Neil Theater Center, Connecticut.

Technical requirements:

A sound system, microphone, and tape recorder are provided by the performer. A stage, gymnasium, auditorium, or multipurpose room wil be suitable for this assembly. A six foot long table will be needed for this program.

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