Art Is Everywhere

school assemblyAn educational assembly program led by award winning illustrator / artist Eugene Clark.

About the program:

This 45-60 min. hands-on program expands the children's knowledge of how important art and the role of the artist is within our lives and the world we live in!

This program demonstrates that artists don't just paint pictures, but are needed to design and create almost anything that we use in our everyday lives, like our toothbrush or the car we drive. Artists like Leonardo DaVinci are discussed, showing a correlation between art / science / and math. Eugene helps illustrate the important role of the artist while taking students on an artistic journey. He then invites students to join him on stage.

A colorful sketch book is used to combine plenty of audience participation with a comical approach to drawing colorful characters. The students work together to help create a portrait drawing with Eugene. Other key elements are emphasized in this program such as the difference between 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional, along with color, sculpture, and geometric shapes. Music is integrated throughout the show to paint a fun and upbeat atmosphere helping to keep all of the children's attention. Eugene also shows illustrations from his new children's book, "Red Riding Hood Races the Big Bad Wolf", and talks about the career of being an artist / illustrator.

This assembly is perfect for grades K - 8th.

art school assemblyAbout the presenter:

Eugene The Amazing Clark, currently teaches drawing and painting at the College for Creative Studies, Detroit, Michigan. He is an award winning artist who just illustrated his first children's book,"Red Riding Hood Races The Big Bad Wolf". Eugene is a thirty year veteran children's performer.

Technical requirements:

A sound system, microphone and tape recorder are provided by the performer. A stage, gymnasium, auditorium, or multipurpose room will be suitable for this assembly.