Readers are Leaders

reading assemblyAn educational assembly program led by award winning illustrator Eugene Clark.

About this program:

This 45-60 min. hands-on program expands the children's understanding of the importance of reading and writing.
There is plenty of audience participation as students are invited on stage to participate in this fun assembly. Students will use colorful visual aids to introduce fun ways of learning about words, how to read them, and how to make those words work collectively as a sentence within a story.

Some students will be part of a creative story building process and will become characters, acting out their roles, while Eugene narrates the storyline. The audience will participate by answering questions about the story to expand on their awareness of reading comprehension. Eugene will share with the students his personal excitement for reading and writing.

reading assemblyThis assembly is perfect for grades K - 8.

Students will learn:

Educator Eugene Clark, through a fun-filled program, helps reinforce the importance of reading and writing while implementing the necessary benchmarks of elementary English language arts curriculum. Some of these include: reading comprehension, oral language proficiency, pho-netic awareness, word recognition, writing sentences, and story building.

"Excellent Program! I received positive feedback from both teachers and students. Thank you"
Mia Schrader, Parent Crull Elementary Michigan