Oceans In Motion

oceans school assemblyHave you ever wondered what makes waves, or where sand comes from?

Eugene Clark takes the students into the world of the ocean and helps teach information about ocean creatures, the ecology of the ocean world, why it is important to maintain our oceans, things we use that come from the ocean, and how we can learn to view our oceans while having ocean fun! Sharks, whales, rocks, starfish, sand, salt water, plant life, and waves, are just some of the subjects covered in this program.

Students will meet the world's most famous diver Hoppy Cousteau and hear about his underwater adventures. Through audience participation and colorful visuals, the students will expand their understanding and the connection of science, ecology, and biology, to the ocean!

Take your students into a new world by bringing in the Oceans in Motion assembly program.

"All of the students were engaged in your program. Mr. Clark captivated the audience
and left smiles on their faces"

Julie Anne Garlit, Teacher Sampson / Weber Elementary Detroit, MI

Perfect for grades K-8.

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