No Bullying / No Cyber or Text Message Bullying

no bullyingThis is an exciting program that focuses on the nation-wide problem of bullying.

About this program:

Students are invited on stage to solve real life situations, and find solutions to this very important subject. Colorful props are used to help convey a message of no bullying, implementing methods of positive reinforcement throughout. Students will be asked to consider positive behavior options, while bullying facts are presented.

Bullying is a nation wide issue, and is an important subject to resolve, toward the betterment of good citizenship. Every month 250,000 children in the United States report having been bullied by other children. Bullying is a form of conflict / harassment in that it occurs repeatedly over a course of time. Research indicates that bullying victims as well as perpetrators present problems later on in life. This program is designed to help students and schools, identify the different forms of bullying, and how to positively and effectively deal with these issues. Ultimately the goal is to create an environment that supports non-bullying behaviors with a message of STOP THE BULLYING. For Middle School Programs the focus also includes a discussion about cyber bullying and text message bullying.

Students will learn:

Students will learn how to be assertive, make eye contact, and tell the bully to stop. Having confidence, making good friends, and sticking together are presented. Students are encouraged to talk to someone they can trust like a parent, counselor, teacher, or friend. Bullying can happen to anyone.

"The kids have been talking non-stop about your show. They loved it!"
Khayya White, Teacher Eagle Elementary Southfield Schools Southfield, MI

Testimonial from Francois Maconce Elementary School:

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