Magical Wonders of Michigan

character assembly Eugene Clark, master magician, incorporates audience participa-tion, magic, and wonderful visual elements to entertain while teaching important facts about the rich Michigan heritage.

About this program:

This exciting 45 minute assembly program explores Michigan's history, resources, cities, and recreational high-lights. Michigan has made important industrial and agricultural contributions, and has a large tourism industry because of the Great Lakes. Michigan's mitten stands out on any map, helping to clarify that Michigan is unique and full of fun and exciting things to see and do.

Students will learn:

Audience members will learn about Michigan products such as honey, cherries, and apples, along with facts about the Great Lakes. Michigan's history is introduced beginning with the early French settlers of the 1600's, through our present day govern-ment and current cities. This program will help students learn about their state flower, animal, reptile, and rock. Michigan's four major pro sports teams are highlighted. The program con-cludes as Michigan's four-season recreational activities are discussed and a magical snowstorm is created on stage to the amazement of all the audience members. This show is an incredi-ble experience for the entire school!

"Fantastic program! A very fun and energetic way to learn"
Amy Ashley, Teacher Fenton Schools Fenton, MI

Perfect for grades K - 8th.