Christmas Spectacular

christmas showAbout this program:

This year, bring in a Christmas show that all of the children will remember. A large inflatable train with Santa and his Elves becomes the backdrop for this memorable show.

Christmas is right around the corner. Is everything ready this year? The Amazing Clark helps the children to check their holiday lists to make sure that everything, in preparation for that,"big day", will be ready to go. From putting tinsel on the tree, to wrapping presents, the excitement is building. Students share in the festive holiday spirit by joining The Amazing Clark on stage. Each student places a different colored handkerchief in the large red Christmas stocking. First a green handkerchief which represents the green of each and every Christmas tree that we have in our homes. Next is a yellow handkerchief which represents the brightest stars that light Santa's sleigh on Christmas eve. And a red handkerchief that represents the colorful ornaments on our Christmas tree. The handkerchiefs are shaken up inside the stocking, the magic words"SANTA" are spoken, and magically the three handkerchiefs blend into one large handkerchief with a delightful picture of Santa on it. The audience applauds, for the children know that Christmas is not far away!

All of the popular songs like Jingle Bells, and Deck the Halls are included in the performance for the children to sing and clap along with.

Great for K-8