The All-American Magic Show

christmas showAbout this program:

The Amazing Clark will take the students on a magical journey throughout the history of the United States of America, to present an American Tradition of magic, hotdogs, and apple pie. Come and celebrate the greatest aspects of American holidays like the 4th of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day and others.

Students will be brought on stage to help out with a variety of American made magical comedy effects. Red, white, and blue, is the theme of this American magic party. The program includes magic tricks like the American flag mystery, Yankee Doodle Magic Fun, America the Beautiful Illusion, and more.

Along with the wonderful magic and exciting audience participation, some great American music will be played in the background to put the entire audience in a festive American mood. The pledge of allegiance will be recited by all at the beginning of the show, to help set the pace of an amazing American celebration! This show will inspire everyone to appreciate the great country that we call U.S.A.!

Great for K-8